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Website Design

Woodborne creates websites for small to medium businesses. We design clean, clear, responsive websites using solid design principles, straight-forward navigation, clean graphics and easy-to-read text.

We custom-build your website using responsive web design techniques that detect the visitor’s screen size and orientation and change the layout of the web pages to fit across a wide range of devices, including traditional PCs, smartphones and tablets. This creates a better user-experience and helps search engines crawl your website more easily.

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Custom-Built Websites

All our websites are custom-built to your requirements using current design standards. We don't use templates and we do use web best practices that allow for adjustments in content and design.

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Website Maintenance

We also provide maintenance services that include any normal revisions and updates of text and graphics, plus continuing Search Engine Optimization (SEO). For an annual fee you can relax knowing that we are taking care of your website and it only takes a phone call or an email to us for prompt and efficient service.

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Why use a web designer?

Building a website doesn't only mean making yourself a logo, making a few web pages using a free template and then throwing the whole thing on to the Internet to sink or swim. There are hundreds of millions of websites out there, and if you want people to find yours you had better know something about making your website findable and user-friendly, not just for potential customers but also for the search engines. If you're interested in what Google thinks constitutes best practices for a search engine-friendly website, please click here.

Let's talk

At our first meeting we will work with you to analyze your business needs, give you practical advice and develop the best possible solution for your website. If required, we will help you set up your domain registration and web hosting services. We will also discuss preliminary search engine optimization and explain some of the principles and realistic expectations. After determining your requirements, we will provide you with a fixed price quote.

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