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Equipment Tracking: Manages complete chain of custody for equipment, tools and consumables in the warehouse inventory and in each truck inventory. CableTrak also tracks the retrieval of old equipment from the customer site back to the warehouse.

Work Order Tracking: CableTrak creates, routes and manages work orders, technician routes and work order status using a simple integrated interface. Entering a piece of equipment in a work order removes that piece of equipment from the tech's inventory and marks the equipment as sold in the database. Plus routing support tools and extensiive reporting come as part of the CableTrack.

Quality Control Tracking: QC tracking allows you to create and manage trouble tickets. QC Tracking will also allow you to target technicians or work orders or work order types for quality control review. Multiple review documents are available and quality control reports can incorporate the use of pictures.

Money Tracking: While very specific to local markets, money tracking offers you the opportunity to identify piece rate payment to your technicians, as well as piece rate billing to your customer when functioning as a sub-contractor.

Common Information is maintained in a separate database for use across all of CableTrack's functions. Technicians may be assigned to teams, teams may have an identified supervisor, techs can be assigned specific job functions.

Desktop or client server configurations are available. Multi-location configurations are possible.

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An Introduction to CableTrak

You will not find a more complete or specific business management software for companies that employ cable installation technicians anywhere, we can guarantee it.

CableTrak was originally built using input from a major cable installation company in Houston, TX. Since then it has grown to incorporate the many requests and suggestions of our clients and therefore completely reflects the industry's business rules and best practices. CableTrak is available in desktop, client server and multi-location configurations.

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