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Website Maintenance

Your website belongs to you but we provide maintenance services that include regular revisions and updates plus continuing Search Engine Optimization (SEO). For an annual fee you can relax knowing that we are taking care of your website and it only takes a phone call or an email to us for prompt and efficient updates.

Regular revisions and updates include activities such as changing out photos, changing text, adding product items, adding newsletters or new documents or adding a new page. Major design changes to your website would be considered more than regular maintenance and would have to be negotiated.

Search Engine Optimization

Ongoing SEO includes weekly assessments of your site visitor statistics using StatCounter and Google Analytics; ongoing fine-tuning of your meta tags, key words and key phrases; adding your site to applicable directories and maintaining your sitemap and indexing with Google.

We are not marketing experts so although we're very willing to assist a professional, please don't look to us to set up a marketing campaign for you!

Social Media

These days social media is an all-important component of your business presence online. The most popular applications are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. If you really enjoy writing you can also maintain a Blog. Depending on your business you certainly don't need to be on all these but having a presence on at least one of them helps people find you on the Internet. Whatever you do though, you must be consistent and update your content regularly.

We will help you set yourself up on whatever social media you select, but if you would like us to maintain your presence we will need regular input from you.

Please note that as part of your search engine optimiazation, we will need to sign you up with Google+. This does not mean you have to regularly update your content on Google+ unless you choose to.

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